Home Automation


Home Automation

Picture yourself walking into your home. As you step into the front door, the light comes on with just the right intensity for the time of the day. As you take your coat off, your favorite music starts streaming from the walls. The blinds open up automatically and the temperature is in tune to just what you like.

You think it we make it happen.

We can make your surroundings a rich experience of sound and, by making automatic playlists for your whole home a reality. We can even make it so that you can choose different music to play in each of your rooms.

Would you like an outdoor television on the patio to enjoy cinematic experiences with your family while enjoying a barbecue? We can give you one with a huge screen and great sound. Our home automation systems are perfect for those who are always spending time away from home. We can enable you to turn off the heating, cooling systems, the hot tub and the pool when you are on a trip away from home. And you can just program them to turn on automatically before you get back home.

So you won’t need to wait for them to get working to enjoy a hot bath. Just pop into the hot tub as soon as you get home. How about that for a welcome? And how about listening to your favorite playlist while you relax in the hot tub? Yea, that’s the life.

When we are done automating your home, you will be able to program your heaters to turn on based on the time of year it is, i.e. when it is cold outside.

Our home automation services mean you won’t have to sprint from room to room to adjust the temperature inside; you also won’t need to return inside in the middle of a barbecue to select music or movies to play on the big screen outside. You will never ever need to second guess if you set the alarm for the next morning or not. You will never need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to check if the doors are locked and lights are turned off.

Home automation means peace of mind.

Home automation is a very broad term that encompasses a number of home systems.

It includes security and surveillance of your home so you can always know what is going on in your home. You can choose to remotely view the CCTV cameras in real time or program the system to send you a text message when the kids gets home.

You can think of it as a remote-control to your home; all the controls, dials, knobs and switches of your home at your finger tips. We can create a simple system that even the most non-technological person will be able to understand and use. With this one large control system, you can manage multiple systems in your home. These can include home theater, music, climate, security and surveillance systems, lighting, motorized shades and curtains. The choice is endless!

Apart from the simplicity and ease of life, you get many other benefits from our home automation services. If your home already has many of these, we reckon there are quite a number of remote controls that you need to keep track off. Home automation provides you with your homes remote at your finger tips, literally, we can convert your iPhone and iPad into your homes controls that you can just take anywhere with you. Reduced clutter means a better, minimalist lifestyle. But perhaps the biggest advantage of home automation is that of huge energy savings.

But wait there’s more

Home Automation was built for the lovers of custom programming, so only your imagination can restrict its functions. We have created systems that, upon entering a pass code, flash the exterior lights of a home to alert the police or the fire fighters to the location of a home! We have incorporated automatic cleaning devices into our home automation systems, so they can get to cleaning while you do what you want to do, i.e. not clean! We can help you make sure that your lawn is watered and the lawn lights are turned off when you want them to. As said earlier, the possibilities are endless!

Custom programming is fun! And we are sure our home automation installation
will have you addicted in no time!

Home automation leads to reduced energy bills because your home becomes more efficient. You can program our systems to turn off lights for the whole house, the exterior or a selected few rooms at the touch of a button. Arm your security system; turn on or off your home audio/video devices, set temperature controls, all of it can be done by one swipe at a touch screen. And we can program your home automation to do exactly the opposite of it all in the morning. The clean, clutter free efficiency of it all naturally leads to some major energy savings.

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