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img4Technology is part and in fact expected of almost every home and office environment these days. The latest challenges faced by designers, architects and builders today are building new homes and renovating older ones with smart technology integrated into their core. We are here to help you keep abreast with rapidly changing technology.
While you are busy doing what you do best, at Imagestics, we can take care of all the technology system components of your projects.

Today’s competitive existence and demanding customer service put a great deal of burden on builders and designers to offer state-of-the-art solutions. We make it easy for you to offer a fully integrated, futuristic lifestyle to your clients. We can supply you with a full range of capabilities necessary to minimize your costs,
improve productivity and ace quality challenges.

Our expertise and resources include:

System Design
Lighting Design
Shading Design
Structured Wiring
Commercial Wiring

Our Structured wiring services supports voice, date, communication & security.

We can supply designers and architects with the ideal solutions for their particular and unique situations. Our extensive experience and capability allows us to draw on a wealth of resources to provide specialty services and make your project stand out from your competitors.

Preferred Integrator

As the preferred integrator of services for your industry, we have extensive knowledge of equipment procurement and production start up expertise. Our extensive and timely integration services mean that we are uniquely positioned to provide the best technology integration solutions available for your construction projects.

You can always turn to us for help when tight deadlines and client dissatisfaction are becoming a problem. We promise peace of mind throughout your project. In fact our engineers and construction specialists will be right by your side throughout the design process to help develop a clear-cut and appropriate package that includes all your requirements.

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You can trust our expert technicians and designers to get involved at any stage during construction or remodeling. We can handle all your technology wiring needs. We can help you make sense out of wiring and equipment procurement when you are in a hurry. Give us a call for a consultation today. Let’s talk about creating a mutually beneficial partnership.